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Mars, in the future, where a toaster and a coffeepot have adventure in their humble kitchen



An absurdist buddy comedy set in a kitchen on Mars, where every appliance hides a dark secret.

  • Adult animation short form​

  • Season 1: 7x episodes, 4-6min each

  • Total runtime: 35min

  • Format: 17:9 DCI 4K

A toaster, a coffeepot and an answering machine

MARS. The Future.

In Inspector Feelgood Carmody’s Martian kitchen, his two loyal appliances await his return.

MarsM BUDDY Headshot.png

Fastidious and nervous, a burglar hiding out after one last job.

MarsM TOASTER Headshot.png

Gruff but loyal, a former starship during the war. Toast-making ability: debatable.

The great robot-robbery has gone wrong, and buddy the coffeepot is running away

As the two friends bicker, argue and make up, hints of their past lives are gradually revealed.

Both hide a secret of their encounters with the mysterious Dr Novum, a once-prominent industrialist who, rumour has it, returned changed from the stars.

What does Novum want?
And is he even human anymore?

The epic battle scene, featuring a toaster-spaceship, a robot-coffeemaker and an answering-maching tank!

The arrival of Bianca, an undercover Earth agent masquerading as an answering machine, brings things to a head.

A spaceship flying through an animated wormhole, a-la 2001 Space Odyssey

And as Novum closes in on our heroes, things can only get weird...

The nuvum industries spaceship approaches Mars again, after many adventures

It's not weird –

It's Mars!

The Novum spaceship passes through the outer planets of the solar system, looking for adventures

“Tidhar is one of the great writers of my generation”
Silvia Moreno-Garcia, novelist and producer, Mexican Gothic

“I cannot be a man who countenances Tidhar”
Charlie Kaufman, writer/producer, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Lavie Tidhar, writer/co-creator
Writer, The Violent Century, Cenrtal Station, By Force Alone, nominated Philip K. Dick Award, Arthur C. Clarke Award, winner World Fantasy Award, Campbell, Neukom, British Fantasy, British SF Award, Jerwood Prize.
Previously in development: The Violent Century (DNA), Adler (Objective Fiction).

Nir Yaniv, director/co-creator
Director, composer and animator of Loontown, Addict, Microtime, Liftoff, The Voice Remains. Winner, Paris Independent Film Festival Best Animated Short 2018, Genre Celebration Festival Best Score 2018, LifeArt Festival Best Sound & Vision 2020.
Author of The Love Machine and Other Contraptions, The Good Soldier.

Virtual post-apocalyptic Mars, which may or may not exist


Russell Wilcox - Buddy
6 Underground, Holmes & Watson

Digger Mesch - Toast
Ultraviolet, Payday

Anne Wittman - Bianca
Avenue 5, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Kingsman: The Secret Service

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